ZDS products and electronic devices are tested before deliver, in order to guarantee longer lifetime for ZDS products and a full service for customers. 

The warranty on ZDS products covers manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase, proved by purchase documents within 24 months.
For goods supplied through intermediary or distributor, the warranty period of 24 months shall commence on the effective date of purchase by the final Buyer (proved by purchase documents), up to maximum 48 months beginning from the date of manufacture.
Franklin products are covered by Franklin warranty of 24 months from purchase date, proved by purchase documents.
In the absence of the purchase document, the warranty is limited to 30 months from the date of product manufacture.

In case of warranty request the Buyer shall proceed as described below.
It is necessary to fill up the "Warranty application form" which can be found inside the product box, and forward it where the product was purchased, within 8 days since the discovery.
As an alternatve the "Warranty application form" can be filled online at the address www.zdsgroup.com/en/report.
It is mandatory to forward the form together with a copy of the purchase document of the claimed item.
The reseller can directly solve the claim or can forward the form, with the referred purchase document, to ZDS (or can fill it online at the address www.zdsgroup.com/en/report).
ZDS will instruct its service point to assist the Buyer or to authorize the return shipment of the claimed product.
In case of authorized return shipment, it is normally expected that the claimed product is sent back complete and properly packed by the Buyer to the purchasing point.
The replacemente with a new product or the eventual reparation, will take place only after ZDS technical inspection.
All transport costs are generally at Buyer's expences.

The warranty is not valid in the following situations:
- not compliance between the received product and the information given on the "Warranty application form";
- in case the product has bee tampered, disassembled or is incomplete of some parts;
- when damages are caused by incorrect transport condition, and the transport has been carried out by the Buyer;
- when damages are caused by not closely following the product use and installation instructions;
- in case of wrong electrical connections or wrong hydraulic installations;
- when damages are caused by incorect size of the power supply cable's extension;
- if the application is not included in the technical specifications;
- if the product is used with liquids other than those referred, and so incompatible with its construction materials;
- if the product is used with an excessive quantity of sand or other foreign bodies in the liquid;
- when damages are caused by galvanic currents;
- if the product is damaged by inappropriate or non authorized devices, such as frequency converter or power generators;
- when non authorized technical modifications are made on the product;
- if the system's electrical or hydraulic features are not suitable to the product;
- if electrical protection is insufficient;
- to normal material damages overtime;
- in case of incorrect or excessive use of the product;
- in case of wrong technical choice of the product;
- if the installation doesn't follow existing standards;
- in case of natural events or disasters (fires, lightning, etc..).
In case the warranty is granted, ZDS will repair or replace the defective product as soon as possible.
No warranty is valid when products are new, never installed before and still in the original packaging.
The warranty never includes the possibility of compensation. The granting of the warranty does not give the right to ask for direct and indirect damages caused by ZDS products. Any problem related to the warranty does not authorize the client to suspend contractual obligations.

Any disputes in regards to this contract, will be exclusively dealt in the court of Padova.