4" Single-phase water-cooled H2 Motor (220-230V / 50Hz)

Electric motors from series H2 are 2 pole asynchronous single-phase submersible motors designed to operate coupled to 4” ZDS hydraulic parts. They are made of materials suitable for contact with water, and cooling and lubrication of the thrust block and bushes are guaranteed by a mixture of water and glycol. H2 motors are equipped with a special and unique start and run capacitor, which is designed to guarantee a long-life to the motor and avoid the installation of an external control panel. They also come with a special and manually resettable built-in thermal protection, which stops the motor when overheated.
Supply cable connector is removable for quick and easy maintenance.
H2 water-cooled motors ensure reliable working in 4” or larger diameter wells and are designed to be used for lifting, distribution, and pressurisation of water in water systems.
H2 motors can be installed with a frequency inverter.
  • 2 pole asynchronous 2-wire single-phase encapsulated water-cooled motor.
  • Special and long lasting integrated start and run capacitor. In case of need it can be easily replaced.
  • Axial and radial water-lubricated bearings allow for maintenance-free operation.
  • Hermetically sealed stator by 304L stainless steel flanges, internal and external casings, filled by resin to guarantee optimal cooling capacity of temperature during operation.
  • Rotor set on Kingsbury thrust block equipped with carbon clearance ring and oscillating pads in high-strength stainless steel to sustain high axial loads.
  • Pre-filled with non-contaminating antifreeze lubricant liquid.
  • Sand protection to guarantee optimal operation even with sand in the borehole.
  • Removable lead connector to make installation and maintenance easier.
  • Supply cable according to drinking water regulations (ACS), available in different lenghts.

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  • kW: 0,37 - 1,5
  • Voltage range: 220-230V / 50Hz
  • Flange: 4" NEMA standard dimensions
  • Voltage tolerance 50Hz from nominal: +6% / -10% Un
  • Rotation: ccw, facing shaft end
  • Degree of protection: IP 68
  • Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 150 g/m³
  • Insulation: F
  • Rated ambient temperature: max 35° C
  • Cooling flow: min 8 cm/sec
  • Maximum starts/h: 150, equally distributed
  • Mounting: vertical/horizontal
  • Maximum immersion depth: 150 m
  • Allowed range of water pH: 6,4 - 8,0
  • Thrust: 1.500 N, 3.000 N (according to ranges)

Automatic protections

Thermal protection

Thermal protection

The H2 motor is protected against overheating. This can happen because of: the high temperature of the pumped liquid; when the minimum distance between the pump installed and the well bottom isn’t respected; when the pump is installed in well/tanks bigger than 4” without a proper cooling system; when the pump works in shut-off. In such cases, the built-in thermal protection system stops the pump, which automatically restarts as soon as the correct working temperature parameters are restored.

Current overload protection

Current overload protection

The H2 motor is protected against against overload. In case the pump is partially or totally blocked, it automatically restarts as soon as the correct working temperature parameters are restored.

Information on a proper installation

  • Before installation, it is necessary to verify technical requirements of the given hydraulic part (thrust, power) to select the correct motor.
  • If you are using a generator with an internal combustion engine, it is necessary that the generator’s power measured in kW (in continuous delivery) is three times the rated power in kW of the submersible pump.
  • We recommend to install a proper cooling jacket in installations bigger than 10 cm, to guarantee the correct motor cooling flow.
  • The maximum quantity of sand allowed in the pumped water is 120g/m³.
  • In order to reset the thermal protections, wait until correct working temperature parameters are restored.

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