ZDS Values

Transforming innovative ideas into value-creating products is the key to meet customer needs. ZDS Submersible Pumps 4” are designed only for use with clean water. They are equipped with electronic protections which guarantee a long-lasting use of the products. The pumps are efficient and also easy to install. They are manufactured with respect to people and to the environment.

Quality products

Quality always in the first place.

It is through satisfaction that  the product works well, is respected and is truly valued  for all the work needed to produce it. A product free from defects can be achieved by a careful analysis of manufacturing processes leading to continuous improvements in production. ZDS products are reliable, innovative, efficient and of superior quality since they are designed and manufactured with high quality materials. At the same time, the company adopts design, constructive high- technology techniques collaborating with well-qualified suppliers and bases its work on the know-how, specialization and the values  of Made in Italy. The production process uses the most advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques undergoing the final tests. The whole process is also subjected to a continuous quality control in order to ensure that the ZDS products complies with the existing regulations on security and product measures. The ZDS company is structured in accordance with the international standards of quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001 as well as meets security, hygiene and health standards within the working environment.

Innovative products

This is not only a slogan.

Our aim is to be oriented towards research and development of new products that are going to improve service level offered to the market. This is done mainly through continuous investments in the field of R&D, including specific design studies of products, updating manufacturing processes using the finest materials and investing in the training of the company’s collaborators. The ZDS products are unique and specialized, and require special machines for their realization. They are specially designed by the ZDS team. 

Client satisfaction

Happiness in the product that works.

100% Made in Italy products enables ZDS to carry out extensive control measures. The products, before they are distributed, have to pass qualitative and functionality tests. 
ZDS products' reliability is worldwide recognized: it is possible to state with assurance, that ZDS submersible pumps are guaranteed for a long-life.
ZDS products, thanks to their efficiency and long life, help the user to save natural resources and reduce climate impact.
Moreover, ZDS provides a support service in real time, dedicated and customized according to the needs of every single client. Each specific request is analyzed by customer service in order to offer our clients a full support, beginning from an advice on product selection suitable for a given type of plant and ending with assistance in resolving possible problems of installation.