Single-phase version

Electronic panel for direct start-up of the motor with dry running protection

Electronic panel for direct start-up of one single-phase submersible pump with cosΦ control and minimum current.
  • Protection fuses
  • Keyboard adjustable motor overload protection
  • Dry running protection from minimum current or cosΦ
  • Min/max voltage protection
  • Motor protection for incorrect phase sequence
  • Automatic restore from dry running
  • Push-buttons to restore protections

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  • Voltage range: 230V / 50-60Hz
  • Power: 0,37 - 2,2 kW
  • Current: 1x [2÷16]
  • Power inlet: 1x230 V ±10% 50Hz
  • Degree of protection: IP 55
  • Standard: IEC 60439-1:2010
  • Casing: over-sized in thermoplastic material
  • Rated ambient temperature: from -10°C to +40° C
  • 2 inputs multi-contact float/pressure switch (NO): (in low voltage)
  • Terminal box: over-sized
  • Cable glands: of 6 different sizes
  • Main switch with door interlock: .
  • AUTO-0-MAN buttons: (manual temporary)
  • LED: interface for automatic and manual operation
  • Motor output: relay
  • Contact output: for alarm
  • Start and run capacitor: predisposition
  • Self-learning: of motor data
  • Multifunction display with command keys and display of: electrical parameters/ voltage/motor current/cosΦ/alarms

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